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Enrolment at Everglade School

Any child who enrols at Everglade School must be eligible for enrolment in a NZ school, and must live in the Everglade School zone.
A small number of 'Out of Zone' enrolments are allocated each year, following the Ministry of Education guidelines. Please inquire about this at the school office. 

The enrolment process begins by filling out the online 'Enrolment Form' 
found on this website. See tab on the main website page. Once this is completed, the school will contact you to arrange the next steps.

If your child is yet to turn five, there is a separate process for this, called 'Transition to School'. You will be invited to these sessions.

Part of the enrolment process involves bringing the following things to school-
  • proof of address (a recent power bill or phone bill)
  • proof of your child's age (birth certificate or passport)
  • visa details (if your child is not born in NZ). For this bring both a parent passport and your child's passport
  • Immunization record for your child (eg Plunket book or certificate from your child's Dr/Practice nurse). Only needed for children starting NZ schooling for the first time.