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Transition to School
New Entrants

Special Information for parents of 5 year olds

Transition to School
Children who are turning five should be enrolled on-line six months before the fifth birthday.
Once this is done, children and parents will be invited to our 'Transition to School'sessions
in the term before they start.

Taking part in the 'Transition to School' process gives you and your child a better understanding of how school works, thereby making it easier to get your child's schooling underway when
the 'big day' comes.

What should I do on my child's first day?
 On the day your child is first starting school, please report to the school office and 'check in'. We can then make sure that everything your child needs is in place from the start. 

Parting with your New Entrant child may be a difficult experience, but this should be done with firmness. Children soon settle down once activities in the classroom have started.

 It is helpful if your child knows:
 Home address and phone number
 How to write his /her name in lower case letter except for the first letter
 Colours, shapes
 Language e.g. in, over, under, between, behind
 To talk in sentences – not just one word
 How to handle a book properly
 How to blow his / her nose
 How to use the toilet. (For boys this may involve getting them used to a urinal)