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 Our pupils will become capable learners, effective communicators and responsible citizens.

we value the following


Skills – the abilityto:

  • Identify needs and problems.
  • Identify, understand and use relevant contextual vocabulary appropriately.
  • Create and use relevant questions to guide thinking and gain information.
  • Acquire relevant information, validate and use.
  • Create, and critique argument, belief and theory.
  • Make informed decisions.



Diversity: We all bring difference to the school in race, culture, skills, physical attributes, abilities and personal experiences. This all adds to what makes us special as individuals and as a group.

Fairness: We aim to act with fairness and honesty, displaying respect and acceptance as we interact with others.

Sustainability: We aim to act in a responsible manner as we interact with people, property and environment, considering the wellbeing and future of the world we live in.




  • Curiosity: They will actively seek, create and use understanding. They will ask questions and challenge ideas and information.
  • Open-mindedness: They will look for more information and other opinions that may challenge their own thinking. They will objectively judge new information, and be aware of underlying agendas.
  • Perseverance: They will work to overcome challenges, being consistent with their effort and willing to try varying approaches. They will be resilient, not give up at the first sign of difficulty.
  • Empathy: They can imagine how others might feel or respond, consider views, opinions and cultural differences, using this to inform thinking and/or promote co-operation.