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School Hours

  • 8.55 am: Morning classes begin
  • 10.55 am: Morning interval
  • 11.15 am: Morning classes continue
  • 12.45–1.45: Lunch
  • 1.45–3.00: Afternoon classes

Late to school

All children arriving at school after 8.55 a.m. must report to the office before going to class.

Collecting children early

From time to time it is necessary to pick children up before 3 p.m. for medical appointments. Please call at the office so that your child can be signed out of school.

Collecting children at 3pm

In the interest of safety we encourage parents to establish a meeting point to pick them up at 3 p.m. 

For Year 0 / Year 1 children we recommend parents collect their children directly outside the classroom.