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Contacting Teachers by e-mail

All teachers at Everglade School have an e-mail address. Sometimes parents find it useful to contact their child’s teacher by this means.

Communicating by e-mail is useful when there is information to pass on. Generally, this is fairly important information which you want your child’s teacher to know. When this is the case, feel free to e-mail the teacher concerned. (Scroll down to get teachers email link)

At other times, e-mail is not the most appropriate means of communication.

If you have a concern that you would like to discuss with your child’s teacher, e-mail is not the place to set all this out. Our teachers will not take up a discussion or debate using e-mail; they will contact you and arrange a time for verbal discussion.

Matters of minor importance are not appropriate for e-mail either. You may want to be sure that your child took a spoon to eat their yoghurt at lunchtime; however, this is hardly a matter that warrants written communication. The same could be said for wanting your child to keep their jersey on all day. This is something you sort out with your child; school is about children learning to take responsibility.

You may wish to share some ‘good news’ with your child’s teacher, about how they finally got those Basic Facts sorted, or read really well with their reader. By the same token, your child’s teacher may share their good news from school with you. It’s as much about the positive as it is about anything else.

Ultimately, most people know when e-mail is appropriate or not. The addresses provided will give another channel of communication with your child’s teacher. 

E-mail can be a useful communication tool for parents and teachers. Please note that children should not use e-mail to communicate with teachers.

ohn Robinson  principal@everglade.school.nz

Deputy Principal 
Judith Roberts  judithr@everglade.school.nz                                                                     

Assistant Principals
Kershia Naidoo  kershian@everglade.school.nz
Anna Powrie  annap@everglade.school.nz

Classroom Teachers

Year 0 - Matai
Rm 5   

Rm 6     
Rm 7   
Rm 8      Robyn McEwan     robynm@everglade.school.nz

Year 1 - Ponga Iti 
Rm 1     Robyn Snelgar   robyns@everglade.school.nz
Rm 2     Kim Neal           kimn@everglade.school.nz
Rm 3     Grace Feng        Gracef@everglade.school.nz
Rm 4     

Year 2 - Manuka
Rm 12    Meni Tupu Tuia  Menit@everglade.school.nz
Rm 13    Ragini Pillay       raginip@everglade.school.nz
Rm 14    Vicki Graham     
Rm 15    Taran Gahunia    Tarang@everglade.school.nz  

Year 3 - Kawakawa

Rm 9      Lynley Mackenzie   Lynleym@everglade.school.nz     
Rm 10    Susie Allen          susiea@everglade.school.nz
Rm 11     Vibha Nathaniel  vibhan@everglade.school.nz

Year 4 - Totara
m 21      Nathalie Irvine     nathaliei@everglade.school.nz
Rm 22     Danielle Tepania    daniellet@everglade.school.nz
Rm 23     Raneen Kettoola     raneenk@everglade.school.nz

Year 5/6 - Pohutukawa
Rm 16      Michelle Read             Micheller@everglade.school.nz
Rm 17        Liz Hemehema            lizh@everglade.school.nz
Rm 18      Namratha Hiranniah    namrathah@everglade.school.nz
Rm 19      Kristie Knauf               kristiek@everglade.school.nz
Rm 20      Nathan Muirhead        nathanm@everglade.school.nz

Part Time Teachers

Florence Manohar
Pravitha Singh
Kris Woodfield
Gurinder Singh

Administration Staff

Raewyn Pearce       office@everglade.school.nz or raewynp@everglade.school.nz
ansa Jeram          hansaj@everglade.school.nz
Rachel Gill              

Denise Sturt

Property Staff
Preston Kaye

Teacher Aides
Rachel Gill
Mukta Patel
Adele Starr  
Denise Sturt
Tania Hawes
Tanya Scully